Know Thyself

I hope this letter will explain all the inconsistencies with my education and field of activity. From an early age, I adored mechanisms and everything related to them. I saw the potential of old discarded things and remade them, giving them a second life. At school, I was fond of physics, mathematics, computer science, and playing chess well. I love to invent. I helped the classmates by doing their homework, tests, etc. for a fee to collect money for the right parts for my projects. Already in the 6th grade, I became the captain of the team of inventors at the school, which included even high school students. Our team, led by me, won the City Invention Olympiad. During the city Olympiad, an important moment occurred when one of the jury members asked the question, “How much will your invention cost?”. At that moment, I did not know the answer. In order to better understand in the future what I create—efficiency, economy, and environmental friendliness—I decided to enter a technical university at the Faculty of Economics. And I am not disappointed with this decision. Now I can look at my ideas and inventions from different angles, thus finding the “golden mean”. I am a person with an education in economics and the soul of an engineer.
There is an expression that musicians never retire, and I think the same can be said about me. I hope even after retirement, I will continue to create, invent, and implement all the time. I know myself, and I know my path.

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