ProLuxMax – Our Craft – Part II

The next thing I did after creating ProLuxMax Promo was to decide not to stop but to continue. This video really needed an ending. So I create ending in two parts, first was in previous post ProLuxMax – Our Craft – Part I, and second one is this ProLuxMax – Our Craft – Part II. So enjoy the show!

ProLuxMax – Our Craft – Part I

OK, so when I finished the ProLuxMax – Promo video and uploaded it to the YouTube channel of the company, I sent a link to the owner. He went nuts. He didn’t expect that I would create such a thing for his company. I was really happy that he loved it. It is really dignifying when your masterpiece creates such a fabulous effect on people around you…

ProLuxMax Promo Video_Hello World!

Well, you know, when I got this project, to create entire brand “ProLuxMax” from ground up, I decided to create something epic. Something Great… And We all know, that to create something Great, it demands a part of soul of creator. So I without doubt, with great please, done this deed. I hope you will enjoy this video!

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